Coachingsprogram heal your pregnancy by healing yourself

Coachingsprogram heal your pregnancy by healing yourself

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This program is for you, because you deserve the tools to take charge of life and pregnancy.

Because you deserve to live a happier life, to have a better pregnancy.


The pregnancy may not have started as you imagined, but you can choose to reverse this today.

Choose today to learn to love pregnancy.

Choose today to connect with the baby.

Choose today to crawl out of that well.


Let yourself be guided and carried away with this program, swept into a world where the mind can rest.

A place where you finally learn to get rid of worry, stress, fears and worries around pregnancy.


I'm here to let you know it's really going to get better.

I am here to let you know that it seems difficult now, you don’t want get out of bed, dressing yourself is a drag, laughing has become difficult, thoughts are rushing through your head, feeling empty and alone. Everyone around you doesn’t understand or see this, because hey you are pregnant, you’re expecting a miracle and this should be the happiest moment of your life, right?


It is time for the first steps, recognize what you feel and experience it, see that you are not alone, that you are not a freak to feel and experience this.


It's okay, it gets better, if you choose to take the first steps. Together we will take those first steps, no matter how small.

Together we will get there, leave your fears behind, breathe again, smile sincerely again, your heart will be filled with passion and love again.


This program consists of exercises, insights, practical tips, a meditation, relaxation, breathing, 4 coaching sessions and a community where you can meet others.


Happy, healthy and positive vibes 🌸